Shocking photo shows woman covered in oil in Paleo Faliro (photo)

Photo taken by Belgian photojournalist

A photo uploaded by Max Gyselinck on his Facebook page, has revealed the extent of the environmental disaster in the Saronic Gulf and the Athens Riviera from last week’s oil spill in the port of island of Salamina when a tanker called Agia Zoni 2 sunk. The photo was shot in the sea of Paleo Faliro on September 20 during cleaning operations by the Marine Ministry. The photo was received with a barrage of comments ranging from the authority’s attempts to conceal and downplay the magnitude of the environmental damage to the stupidity of people who had risked their health and entered the waters. Efforts by Greek authorities to clean up the oil spill in the port of the island of Salamina in the Saronic Gulf are ongoing. The ecological accident caused an uproar in the Greek political scene with opposition parties blasting the Greek government for displaying incompetence in preventing the spread of the oil slick to the Athens Riviera. Major opposition party New Democracy (ND) accused Marine Minister Panagiotis Kouroumplis, who had gone as far as to haphazardly urging citizens to swim in the waters that had been contaminated. The freelance photographer that shared the picture is a Belgian national and world as a photojournalist in Athens. He has collaborate with news outlets like French newspaper Le Monde.