Shocking photos reveal unsanitary conditions in basement of largest public maternity Hospital (photos)

Photos released by worker’s union

Photographs depicting the unsanitary conditions in the basements of the largest public maternity hospital of the country “Elena Venizelos” were published by the Panhellenic Federation of Workers in Public Hospitals (POEDIN).
The photos show the spots where water had been running for six months resulting in the detection of a non-enteropathogenic bacterium -not lethal to humans- although the official results of laboratory tests are expected from the Central Laboratory of Public Health.
It should be noted that there are millions of species of this bacterium and one of these is the dangerous cholera bacteria.
Although the Health Ministry, in a statement confirmed the presence of potentially entero-pathogenic microorganisms, adding that the results are expected on Friday, the Hellenic Center for Disease Control & Prevention (KEELPNO) HCDCP was quick to issue a statement on Thursday which states that “scientific evidence so far does not substantiate the presence of enteropathogenic bacterium (such as cholera) from laboratory testing. Moreover, no case of disease has been reported to by KEELPNO. The final laboratory confirmation is expected from the Central Public Health Laboratory.