Shocking scenes from Gaza! Palestinian hit by tear-gas canister in the mouth! (PHOTOS)

Unbelievable scenes

Four Palestinian protesters were killed today by the Israeli soldiers in the Gaza Strip, in new clashes near the security fence, a day after what sounded to many as a provocative statements by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the dozens of dead of the “Bloody Monday”, at the opening ceremony of the new American embassy in Jerusalem.


According to Reuters, Israeli soldiers used tear gas and real bullets against the Palestinian protesters, resulting in injuring at least 386 people.


Among the injured people are a photojournalist of the French Agency and a 23-year-old who is hospitalized as a tear hit him in the face.

Reporters captured with their cameras a Palestinian running while smoke comes out of his mouth as he was just being hit by a tear gas canister in the mouth. Moments later he fell down unconscious.

The photo has gone viral as it is particularly shocking.