Three people killed in Los Angeles shooting

Police say it happened at Gable House Bowl in Torrance

Three people were killed in a shooting in a Los Angeles bowling alley, Saturday.

Police reported a shooting with multiple victims early Saturday at Gable House Bowl in Torrance.

A tweet shortly after midnight said: “Reports of shots fired with multiple victims down. T P D is on scene. Investigation is ongoing. Please stay away from the area.”

Jesus Perez of San Pedro was inside during the shooting. “We just ran right into the bar and took cover. All we heard was just, like two people got shot.”

Perez said he heard about four gunshots.

“We heard there was a big fight before that. We just ran into the bar and we just took cover because after the fight we heard pop pop.”

He said he took cover for about 15 minutes and a security guard escorted him out the back.

Others outside the bowling alley were visibly shaken. Some men were vomiting. Women were crying, screaming and clinging together as a group.

“There was a fight and then we heard nine gunshots,” said one man who declined to give his name before walking away.

Several police cars blocked Hawthorne and Sepulveda boulevards, and some were parked outside the Gable House Bowl, which is at 22501 Hawthorne Blvd.

Family members who stood by yellow police tape around the parking lot tried to cross to see if a relative was OK. Some made phone calls only to get angry when they got no answer.