Silvio Berlusconi admits he is naughty on sensational new autobiography

Berlusconi claims Sarkozy was envious and insecure because of the Italian’s wealth and women

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi claims he is ‘a born seducer’ in a new biography.

In My Way: Berlusconi in His Own Words, by journalist Alan Friedman, the 79-year-old billionaire, renowned for his sex parties, has claimed that ‘more than a great seducer, I have been very often seduced’.

He explained how the word ‘bunga bunga’ came from an off-colour joke shared with his friend Colonel Gaddafi and while he admitted he is ‘definitely naughty’, he claimed the alleged 33 girls in two months would be too exhausting, even for a younger man.


He also denied that he paid for sex with underage Moroccan nightclub dancer ‘Ruby-the-Heartstealer’, a crime for which he was initially convicted but he was later acquitted on appeal.

In Italy it is a crime to pay a person under the age of 18 for sex. ‘Had it happened it wouldn’t have been against the law,’ he claimed in his biography.

Berlusconi also referred to his acquaintance with George Clooney in Rome and mentioned what Clooney thought about the Italian politician.

The Hollywood star considers his meeting with former Prime Minister of Italy the most amazing night of his life: “I went to his home to talk about Darfur. I was very well informed. But he insisted on showing me his bedroom and his awesome big bed that was a gift from Vladimir Putin. It evolved in a very different evening than anyone would have expected. I told him that I had to leave and he told me: “No. Where are you going? We are going to have a party shortly, while I was like: I really have to go.”

Berlusconi also referred to Sarkozy claiming that he was jealous of Berlusconi.

The two leaders had a frosty relationship according to the book. Berlusconi claims Sarkozy was envious and insecure because of the Italian’s wealth and women and even refused to shake his hand once.

Berlusconi remembers that after Sarkozy married Carla Bruni he told the Italian: ‘Look Silvio, I’m rich like you now’.