Singer Stelios Dionysiou receives 8-month prison sentence

Sentence has a 3-year suspension

Popular Greek singer Stelios Dionysiou received an 8-month suspended prison sentence for his recent spat with traffic police in downtown Athens. During the court proceedings, the defendant admitted to the judge that his car’s side mirror “might have bumped against something”. The court found him guilty on the charge of simple bodily harm by an act of negligence but acquitted him on the charges of disrespect and reproach.
The police officer’s legal representative requested that Mr Dionysiou apologise to his client and withdraw his counter-lawsuits against him, with the defendant’s lawyer responding Mr Dionysiou had already expressed his regret for the incident at the police station, which was not accepted by the officer.

Addressing the bench, Mr Dionysiou claimed he was only driving at 10km per hour, but was on the phone with his medical insurance agent as he felt ill and chest dysphoria saying he was on his way to the doctor and feared he might have been experiencing an attack.