Soldiers on the streets of Albania to enforce coronavirus measures

PM Rama said people would not be allowed to travel abroad

The Albanian government is deploying its military to enforce its protective measures against the coronavirus. The country’s Prime Minister Edi Rama apologised for the measures but said “the war with the coronavirus cannot be won with another way.”

As Edi Rama announced if people are confirmed to have visited Italy and Greece in the past week and did not voluntarily quarantined themselves, they would be fined 5,000 euros and would be banned from traveling abroad if they did not pay the fine, as reported by the Athens / Macedonian News Agency.

He also announced that cafes and restaurants, as well as other crowded sports and cultural centres in Tirana and Durres, are closing down, and that public transport would be suspended in these two major cities.

In his announcements on Facebook, Eddie Rama apologised for the measures taken by the government but claimed it was the only way to overcome the crisis.

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