South Korea has a penis-themed park & it’s as bizarre as it sounds! (VIDEO-PHOTOS)

You could call it art, but don’t quote us…

Warning: If you are easily offended, move to another article. You are entering a…South Korean penis zone!
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It’s no wonder the stunning coast of Sinnam, South Korea, has a park: equally beautiful and dramatic.

Haeshindang Park becomes even more unique when you learn it is dedicated to the touching story of a young virgin woman whose fisherman lover left her on a rock while he went out to sea.

It is said she drowned and her spirit can only be pleased by the sight of male genitalia. So, the people of South Korea did the obvious: they filled the park with penises. Almost 300 of them!…

There are huge wooden penises like this absolutely everywhere.


Even benches have penises in this park.


See if you can spot all the penises in their surprising hiding places in this pic.


And, for some reason, there are penises with pairs of legs.



Don’t let the penises distract you from the calming view.


This is also a six-foot penis-cannon that can rise and fall.


So swing on by to enjoy the views of a beautiful park and added penises…or whatever……………