Spooky blue clouds filmed rolling over Texas (video)

The video was taken on Easter Sunday (April 12)

A spooky blue cloud that appeared to be “bubbling” above a Texas town was recently caught on camera.

The time-lapse footage shows an almost apocalyptic cloud twisting and convulsing above the town Venus.

At its centre, the storm seems to have a blue glow despite the rest of the sky being a mix of orange and grey.

Michael, who caught filmed the incredible sight, shared the video to YouTube channel MrMBB333.

In his video posted yesterday, the theorist said: “The sky is just bubbling, look at that.”

He explained the video was taken on Easter Sunday (April 12) – several days before deadly tornadoes struck several US states including Texas.

source dailystar.co.uk

video courtesy of YouTube channel MrMBB333