Spying by Turkish intelligence and embassy in Greece has been expanded, secret documents show

MIT submitted an intelligence brief identifing hundreds of Turkish citizens who took refuge in Greece to escape the unprecedented purge

Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (Milli İstihbarat Teşkilatı, or MIT) has expanded monitoring, illegal information gathering and intrusive surveillance activities in neighboring Greece, while the Turkish Embassy in Athens has engaged in similar operations in a blatant violation of international conventions, newly discovered secret documents have revealed.

The documents expose expansive, clandestine and hostile activities conducted by Turkish intelligence and diplomats in a NATO ally country. The secret operations, although targeting members of government critic the Gülen movement, reveal how Turkey has been transformed under the rule of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan into conducting massive intelligence operations in a neighboring country and challenging Greek national security interests. They also tell the tale of the modus operandi of the new Turkey under one-man rule, often displaying the behavior of a non-rational, non-state actor in harassing, threatening and intimidating other countries in its immediate neighborhood.

According to the the first document stamped secret and dated February 13, 2020, the spy agency submitted a 39-page intelligence brief on February 7, 2020 that identified hundreds of Turkish citizens who took refuge in Greece to escape an unprecedented crackdown on critics, opponents and dissidents by the repressive government of President Erdoğan.

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