Star Wars Lightsaber Academy is Jedi Boot Camp

From Padawan to Master!

I’ve played with a few gadgets that have promised to make me a Jedi master, but the latest toy from Hasbro might soon become my favorite. Launching in Fall 2019 (priced at $49.99), Star Wars Lightsaber Academy will let you train with up to five Masters in the force — either Sith or Jedi via an app-connected lightsaber.

At a glance, the lightsaber looks like any other toy replica. It’s made of a fairly weighty plastic, lights up different colors and offers a few sound effects when you’re play fighting. But what sets this saber apart is its Smart-Hilt. Outfitted with Bluetooth and a motion sensor, the toy can connect to the free app (Android, iOS) and begin the path from Padawan to Master.

From what I could see at my Toy Fair 2019 demo, connecting the lightsaber to the app is fairly easy, after launching the app, it will enter pairing mode. From there, you press the corresponding button on the saber and you’re ready to go. Once paired, you twist the hilt upward to reveal its kyber crystal. Using a simple press, you can choose your preferred master.

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