Streets around the Technical University of Athens closing down in Police plan to prevent riots and attacks

Over 1,500 men have been deployed around the centre of the capital

Streets around the Technical University of Athens are gradually being cordoned off as the 3-day celebrations commemorating the 1973 student uprising against the military junta will culminate in the march is scheduled to start outside the US Embassy at 4pm and reach the University campus.

Traffic has been rerouted since Friday and Saturday around the University, while police are implementing their plan in an effort to maintain peace and order and minimise the possibility of riots.

The “Megaro Music Hall” metro station will be closed from 3 pm and “Evangelismos” and “Syntagma” stations will be closed 1.5 hours later (at 16:30).

The main gates of the University campus, which had opened on Friday to the general public, have closed down to in accordance with the plan by the Greek police.

The plan by the Hellenic Police (ELAS) to prevent university building occupations is in full flight with 1,500 police officers, including men from the mobile motorcycle unit DIAS, special antiriot divisions, traffic police etc, deployed in key areas around downtown Athens. Authorities will be utilising drones to monitor the situation in the centre of Athens from above.

The plan also includes the involvement of the Anti-Terrorism Service as there are fears of a possible terrorist attack.

There is great concern over possible attacks against police officers from high vantage points and terraces, following raids on apartment buildings on Friday where large pieces of broken marble and bricks were discovered.