Student set ups a GoFundMe to reduce her breast size (photos)

She says it is ruining her life

A student who says her 34J breasts are ‘ruining’ her life has set up a GoFundMe page to pay for a reduction. Law student Amber Roach has a cleavage that weighs more than a stone. The 20-year-old says her breasts cause her ‘agony’ and have stopped her playing the sports she loves. On top of that, Amber endures crude shouting and comments from strangers on a regular basis.

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‘I endure emotional stress as people naturally stare, point or ask me if they are real and some people shout sexual and derogatory comments on the street or worse,’ Her GoFundMe page reads:. ‘I do not want this negative attention.’ She’s now crowdfunding in the hopes of raising £5,000 for a breast reduction when, after first being denied the procedure and then remeasured, the NHS ultimately ‘cancelled’ her referral process in the midst of the pandemic.

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