Stunning “Game of Thrones” style sword discovered beneath city street (video-photos)

The sword dates to the 1300s

Workers digging a sewer in the Danish city of Aalborg have unearthed a remarkably well-preserved sword that dates back to at least the 14th century.

Plumber Jannick Vestergaard and engineer Henning Nøhr were stunned to see the 3.7-foot sword, still intact, sticking out of the ground during a sewer excavation on Sunday. The workers from contractor Gunnar Nielsen A/S quickly contacted the Northern Jutland Historical Museum to examine their amazing find.

Northern Jutland Historical Museum archaeologist Kenneth Nielsen said that the layer of soil in which the sword was found dates to the 1300s. The sword was discovered on Algade, which is one of Aalborg’s oldest streets.

Experts note that it is rare to find a sword in this type of setting. As high-status items, they are usually found in war graves where they are buried with their owners. However, no grave has yet been found in the immediate vicinity of the Algade sword. The medieval St. Peder’s cemetery is about 66 feet south of where the sword was found.

The weapon, which bears the marks of battle, offers a glimpse into a violent period in Denmark’s history. “Aalborg has been subjected to military attacks in the Middle Ages,” Nielsen explained, in a statement.

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