Supermarket charges 1 sanitiser bottle (€5.50), 2 bottles (€134.00) each to stop hoarding!

A Danish supermarket found an ingenious way

Denmark’s government has recently called on its citizens to resist hoarding food and other supplies after local supermarkets were wiped clean this week.

While that seemed good enough for most stores, one supermarket took things just a step further and employed a clever price trick to stop customers from hoarding hand sanitiser.

A photo of a price notice at Hellerup Foodmarket went viral this week for its extreme price hike on the disinfectant.

Twitter user @_schuermannn posted the photo of a notice the store taped to its display of hand sanitizer which, when translated to English, explains that one bottle costs 40 DKK ($5.73 USD), but any more than that will cost 1,000 DKK ($143 USD) each.



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