Supermarket customers punch it out in Italian city quarantined due to coronavirus (video)

The town is among ten Italian cities quarantined

A video posted on Facebook illustrates the atmosphere of fear and desperation that has gripped the Italian public due to the outbreak and panic caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

The footage shows two men exchanging blows in a supermarket aisle as other customers watch in amazement.

In the video from Casalpusterlengo, a commune in the Province of Lodi in the Italian region Lombardy, designated as a “red” zone, a man suddenly throws a punch at another man who immediately retaliates. A fight breaks out, while a man (possibly a supermarket cashier) starts to approach the two to break them up.

The town is one of ten quarantined with 50,000 people affected.

The only businesses operating in quarantine cities are pharmacies and supermarkets.

The Italian authorities, however, allow the supply line, warning, however, those in quarantine who violate the movement restrictions will face up to three months in prison.