Surgical femur removal leads to foot being placed the wrong way around

It is not a medical mistake, but a method in order to help the girl’s future prosthetic leg mesh better

Twenty-two year old Jordan Monti from Yorkshire, Great Britain, was diagnosed with femur cancer when she was a student in New York. She underwent chemotherapy and initially overcame the disease.

However, a few months ago, Jordan found out that she will have to face cancer once more. Her doctors in Britain told her they would have to surgically remove her femur, which they did. The weird thing is, however, that during the surgery, the doctors put the rest of her leg in place of her femur the other way around. Her heel facing forward and toes facing backwards.

That is, obviously, not an egregious medical mistake. This method is used to prepare Jordan’s foot to receive the prosthetic member which the doctors will place in the near future. According to the doctors, the calf will act as a femur and the heel as the missing knee. That is where the prosthetic leg will be placed, thus allowing Jordan to walk again, without needing to use a wheelchair or crutches.


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