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Survey: Greeks Trust Russia and Putin over Merkel, Trump

More than 43% of Greeks are sure that the Russian president supports the interests of Greece


According to a study of public opinion conducted by a group of sociologists at the University of Macedonia for Kathimerini newspaper, 57.3% of Greeks adhere to a positive attitude toward Russia, and 67% toward Russian President Vladimir Putin.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is treated positively by 40.5% of respondents, and US President Donald Trump by a mere 16.5%. Negative-wise, 25% of those questioned dislike Putin, 56% have a negative attitude toward Merkel, and 73% of Greeks dislike Trump.

When asked “whom of the world leaders do you trust the most”, Putin’s share accounted for 41.5% of the answers, Merkel’s 27.5%, and only 5% of respondents trusted Trump.

More than 43% of Greeks are sure that the Russian president supports the interests of Greece, while only 29.5% of respondents said the same about the German chancellor and 20% about the US President.

On diplomatic issues, 47.5% of respondents believe that Greece should strengthen relations with the European Union, 24.5% favour strengthened relations with Russia, while only 9% of respondents said Athens should boost ties with the United States and 7.5% with the NATO countries.

The survey was conducted between September 15 and 17 by phone among 1,023 people aged 17 and higher.

Source: greekreporter.com

  • John Leivaditis

    This is exactly the problem with the citizens of this country. After a bloody civil war, instigated by the Communists, which has taken the lives of thousands from both sides, after being saved from hunger by the Marshall plan, after being a free democratic country for six decades, after thw prosperityenjoyes because of thiw, they still believe in a utopic left given that Russia haw done nothing fot Greece.