Suspect, 40, used Internet to lure young teens; charged with rape, abduction

The case resembles some of the most extreme and chilling Hollywood-made crime shows

A lengthy investigation by Greek police has apparently netted an Athens man suspected of using the Internet to lure pre-pubescent teens to meetings before abducting and raping them.
In a case resembling some of the most extreme and chilling Hollywood-made crime shows, the 40-year stands accused of trying to abduct his latest victim – a 13-year-old boy – in the west Athens district of Peristeri on Monday. He was arrested at the scene by officers that had reportedly shadowed him for days.
The same man is accused of recently abducting and raping a 14-year-old year he met online after first shaving her head, angered over the fact she portrayed herself as a boy in an Internet chatroom.
He portrayed himself as a 12-year-old boy in his most recent online conversations with his latest would-be victim, conversations monitored by an anti-childporn taskforce.
When arrested the suspect was driving an alleged “kidnap van”, equipped with a mattress, covers, pillows, fans, special lighting, candy, alcohol and sex toys.
Just as shocking is the fact that the first victim, when dumped off a city street at night by the suspect, flagged down a police car, described the perpetrator and reported her ordeal.
If media reports are true, an indictment was filed against the man but no arrest was ordered by a prosecutor in time.