Syria, Iraq: 5,000 women and children experience horror in the hands of ISIS

The worldwide crisis continues

Over five thousand women and children have fallen in the hands of ISIS jihadists in Syria and Iraq, experiencing their animalistic behavior. In prisons reminiscent of brothels, the jihadists relieve their sexual appetites on women and teenage girls alive. Most of them are used as “sex slaves” and they are Yezidi (Kurdish religious minority group in Iraq).

The fanatical islamists can thrash and rape the women they have kidnapped, on a daily basis, based on the memo issued on December 3rd by a part of ISIS, titled: “Prisoners and Women affairs Section”. The catalogue dictates that the jihadist kidnappers must rape and abuse their victims, according to the “Daily Mail” newspaper.

The most “Sex slaves” were kidnapped in late August, according to the UK newspaper.

The “sex slaves” are called “al Sabi”, by the jihadists and must only come from societies “at war” with ISIS. The memo states that Christians and Jews can be kidnapped by jihadists, but the same is not in effect for former Muslims. The document states that they should not be kidnapped or raped.

The rape of a girl is allowed by all men, even if they are married. The document states that virgin women can be sexually abused right after their kidnapping, on a daily basis. Any who refuse to be raped will be whipped. For women who were sexually active prior to their kidnapping, they must “purify” their womb, through washing, before their owner “tests” them.

With regard to adolescent girls, they can “legally” be raped by their owners, providing they have the physique essential for the sexual act.

Regarding the estimate of women sold into slavery by jihadists, prices vary according to their age. A woman aged 40-50 is 50 thousand dinars (27 UK pounds), a woman aged 30-40 is sold for 40 pounds, a girl 10-20 is sold for 80 pounds and a child under nine is sold for 106 pounds.

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