Syrian Kurds shift alliance & make deal with Assad government to resist Turkey (map)

Russian officials have been mediating low-level talks between the Kurds and Damascus while Syria says army enters Turkey border town

Syria’s Kurds said Syrian government forces agreed Sunday to help them fend off Turkey’s invasion — a major shift in alliances that came after President Donald Trump ordered all U.S. troops withdrawn from the northern border area amid the rapidly deepening chaos.

The shift could lead to clashes between Turkey and Syria and raises the specter of a resurgent Islamic State group as the U.S. relinquishes any remaining influence in northern Syria to President Bashar Assad and his chief backer, Russia.

Syria’s state news agency said Monday morning government forces have entered the northern town of Tal Tamr that is close to Turkey’s border. SANA said the Syrian army moved into the area to “confront the Turkish aggression,” without giving further details.

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