SYRIZA MP allegedly called Sunday school kids “fascist-influenced” after they sang “Macedonia Glorious”

The children reportedly returned some money he offered to them after singing traditional Christmas carols

A SYRIZA MP reportedly called a group of children fascist-influenced when they started singing a chant called “Macedonia the glorious”, after initially singing the traditional Christmas carols to the adults leaving the Church of Evangelistria.
Immediately after mass on January 1st in the city of Grevena, northern Greece, a group of children from the Grevena Metropolis Sunday school started singing Christmas carols to the dignitaries departing.

SYRIZA MP Christos Bgialas reportedly gave the children some money for their carol singing but one of them refused to take the money. At that point, as reports, the children started singing the song “Macedonia the Glorious”, which has often been dubbed a nationalistic song by left-leaning politicians.

According to the same news source, the MP who was a supporter of the Prespes Agreement between Greece and FYROM started shouting that small children had been poisoned with fascist ideology by adults who had negatively influenced them.