SYRIZA MP dances to FYROM song calling for annexation of Thessaloniki! (video)

Provocative lyrics call for annexation of Greek Macedonia

Ruling SYRIZA party MP Kostas Seltsas has caused some controversy after dancing to the tunes of an irredentist song that calls for the “liberation” of “Aegean Macedonian”. The song is the “hymn” of the extreme-right supporters of FYROM who call for the annexation of the region of Macedonia in northern Greece.
The song’s lyrics make reference to the “Macedonians of the Aegean” and their nostalgia for their “homelands”!
“Do not forget Macedonians, do not forget – you are Macedonians – do not forget Aegean Macedonia”.

This song is danced at the festivals of the self-styled “Macedonians of the Aegean”, written by “Macedonians of Australia” and calls for the handing over of their “homeland”, “Macedonia of the Aegean” (ie Kastoria, Florina and even Thessaloniki) back to them.

The SYRIZA MP appears to be dancing in public to the song, as shown in the video.