Tasty & sexy lingerie made in…Milos! (photos)

The latest iteration is made of vanilla

The first thing that comes to mind when you see edible underwear is to… let’s just leave the rest to your imagination.
Edible underwear is nothing of a novelty, as they have been around for quite some time.
Usually, they were made of candies and were the so-called Candy Bra and Candy String.
But nowadays, the delicious underwear comes in their luxury version and is made of a favourite sweet, vanilla.
The latest iteration of edible lingerie is a line called, appropriately, “Sugar Love”, and, according to the manufacturer, it is edible lace-shaped lingerie that can both be eaten and worn.
It comes in four different colors: White, Red, Brown and Black and some of the designs are already out of stock, according to their website.
What makes this lingerie special is that they are made in Greece, produced on the island of Milos!

What you should remember is you have to use the product within 12 months from the moment it is opened. As far as the calories, no need to worry, as you will probably burn them off immediately after you use them…