Taxi union president breaks up Uber presentation

Taxi drivers “invaded” the hotel where the company was presenting its new application

Uber’s presentation in a central Athens hotel held a few surprises. During the presentation, unionists of SATA (Syndicate of Motorist Taxis of Attica), invaded the hall, causing enough tension to warrant police intervention in order to calm things down.

It should be noted that Uber had invited taxi drivers to their event, to inform them of their application. SATA taxi drivers, however, were present, including the union president, and union legal counsel who wished to discuss with people from Uber. contacted SATA treasurer Mr. Vasilis Maragakis, who stated that the Uber presentation took place 500 meters away from the union offices.

According to him, company executives stopped taxi drivers heading to the union in order to inform them, which was particularly annoying. Thus, the union president and other members went to the hotel where the Uber presentation was taking place to ask the latter to end their provocative behavior. The result was more than a quarrel, with physical violence ensuing, followed by police intervention.

According to Mr. Maragakis, lawsuits were filed by both sides.

At the same time, as announced by the SATA administration on facebook, SATA is considering deleting members who cooperate with Uber and show no intent of regret!