Teacher asks students to “identify rapist” on homework assignment, prompting investigation

“Which of the suspects raped Suzy?”

Texas schools officials say they’ve taken “corrective action” after a ninth grade teacher included a question about a rape victim in a homework assignment received

Approximately 90 students received an assignment that asked the following: “Suzy was assaulted in an alley and is a victim of rape. The police collected a sample of sperm that was left at the crime scene and now have three suspects in custody. Which of the suspects raped Suzy?”

According to school officials, a biology teacher asked freshman students to select the correct DNA sample pattern from a list of possible answers, including “Felon, S1, S2 and S3”.

A photo of the homework was posted on Facebook by a neighbour of the parent whose child is a student at Klein Collins High School in a suburb of Houston.

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