Teens who violently attacked metro stationmaster in custody

A security guard was also arrested for abetting the two

Around 12 noon on Saturday, the 2 juveniles accused of assaulting the metro stationmaster crossed were taken before the juvenile prosecutor, who is expected to prosecute them.

They will then be taken to a magistrate to present their case. They have the right by law to receive a deadline to prepare their deposition.

As it became known by the police, a criminal case was filed against the two youths, specifically for attempted homicide, as well as disobedience, as they refused to give fingerprints.

The two brothers aged 15 and 17 were arrested late last night, as protothema.gr first reported. The police of the Athens Security Sub-Directorate managed to identify and apprehend the teens at their house in Peristeri in less than 60 hours.

A security guard was also arrested, who is accused of fostering and breach of duty and, as he told the police, he knew the family and the mother of the children asked him for help on how to handle the case.

Shortly before midnight, the stationmaster went to the Athens Security Sub-Directorate and confirmed their identity.

The two teens initially told police the middle-aged stationmaster had provoked them, resulting in their violent attack in the context of self-defence. The police suspected they were following the instructions of the security guard who advised them to disappear until the legal period of flagrante delicto had expired. Yesterday and this morning, they were examined by psychologists, because they are minors, while until late at night their mother remained by their side.