Tension & tear-gas during the rally in Athens (VIDEO-PHOTOS)

No arrests or injuries have been reported

Τension and use of tear-gas by the police shortly after 12:30 on Wednesday afternoon during the 24-hour strike rally. A group of students attempted to approach SEV (Hellenic Federation of Enterprises) offices on Xenophontos Street.

When the students saw the police force, they attacked them and they responded with the use of chemicals.

Also, anarchists attacked protesters gathered at Klathymonos square to take part in the protest of GSEE and ADEDY in the framework of the 24-hour strike. They threw them eggs and tried to destroy banners and break speakers.

After the swift attack, the anarchists escaped to the narrow streets around the square.

Shortly after 12:30 a new round of tension erupted when people from the block of anarchists threw paint on the Finance Ministry building at Syntagma Square with the anti-riot police force repelling them with their shields.