Texas police apologise after photos emerge of horse-mounted officers arresting black man on foot

The technique will be phased out said the Police county

Police in Texas have apologised after photos emerged depicting a controversial arrest technique which ignited an uproar in the Galveston County and across the internet around the globe.
The photos show two horse-mounted police officers, both of whom are white, leading a handcuffed black man down the street using what appears to be a rope. Commenters on social media called the scene “disgusting” and “degrading.”

Chief Vernon L. Hale III of the Galveston police department said the officers “showed poor judgment,” but argued that they did not have any ill intentions. Neither of the officers involved in the incident has commented publicly.

According to a statement released to the press, the two officers arrested Donald Neely for trespassing on Saturday afternoon at an address in downtown Galveston. While on horseback, the two officers walked Neely eight blocks from this point to a “staging point” for their mounted police unit. Hale’s statement said that this practice is considered acceptable in certain situations but in this instance, it was not used correctly. It’s unclear if the officers will face disciplinary actions.