Thailand cave rescue: Four boys freed

International media report they are safe, as the operation is ongoing

So far four boys have been freed from the 13 who have been stuck in a cave in northern Thailand for more than a week after a team of 18 divers launched their dramatic rescue operation this morning. Reuters, the Independent and ITV are all reporting the four boys have been taken out of the cave are safe.

Thai authorities have confirmed a rescue operation to retrieve the 12 boys and their football coach is underway.

At 10am local time, 18 divers went into the cave to bring out the boys – including 13 international divers and five Thai navy Seals.

The former governor who is in charge of the rescue operation called the international divers “all-stars” and said the Thai divers were “five of our best”.

It might take up to four days for all the boys and their coach to come out – and it is not confirmed if the boys will have to dive.