Thanos Plevris: Out of intensive care

After close call with acute septicemia

Former MP Thanos Plevris has been unhooked from life support and moved from the intensive care unit where he had been receiving treatment for acute septicemia since November 14 into a regular room at the Athens Medical Center, following a recovery that doctors are describing as a “medical miracle.”

Following an improvement in the 39-year-old’s condition on Friday, doctors began gradually weaning Plevris off of life support in a process that took three days.

With the stabilization of Plevris’s condition on Monday morning, the doctors decided that he could be moved out of intensive care into a regular hospital room where he will remain under observation until he makes a full recovery. The medical report released at noon said: “Mr. Athanasios Plevris’s health has improved, both clinically and in terms of his lab results, allowing him to leave intensive care and to continue his treatment in a regular hospital room.  He will continue receiving all the required medical treatment and care.”

Doctors are optimistic about Plevris’s progress and their next concern is to determine whether there has been damage to any of his vital organs, an assessment anticipated take place within the next 15 days.

Plevris was admitted to the hospital on November 14 with acute sepsis.  The medical report issued that day said: “Because of the severity of his condition, he was admitted to the intensive care unit where he remains intubated on life support. All the appropriate procedures were followed on the part of Athens Medical Center, both conservative and invasive. The condition of the patient is considered extremely critical.”