The Ancient Greek roots of a penis-worshipping U.S. religion (video)

The Temple of Priapus has chapters in the United States and Canada, but not Greece, from where this religion purportedly began

A religion in San Francisco that worships penises has directly stemmed from Ancient Greece and is inspired by the Temple of Priapus, the Ancient Greek god of fertility. The U.S. branch of the temple was begun in the Seventies with chapters in Texas, New York and Canada.

The temple’s website states:

COCK size is not relevant, but COCK pride is! Group sex is a vital part of church and the candidate must accept to participate while not being forced to do any acts not of his choosing. Anal sex is conditional upon wearing of a condom. Failure to do so will result in expulsion from the temple. Sex is part of the screening process. Failure to have some sort of sex during the interview blocks further processing of application.

A documentary, aptly titled “Dickumentary”, dedicated to the Temple of Priapus features the Temple pontifex David Francis Cassidy stating that the temple is a place for the worshippers to feel “free and uninhibited.” Scenes show members of the temple naked in front of an alter of phallic symbols, praying while discovering the carnal side of their spirituality.

Though only male worshippers apply, the temple is open and welcomes women.

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