The beauties of Paros praised by international media

The island caters for all tastes

“Paros – Try the Cyclades in the summer” is the title of a piece prancing the beauties of the Greek island of Paros published in the online edition of German newspaper Griechenland Zeitung.

In 2015, the municipality of Paros had hosted seven journalists, members of the International Union of Editors for Gastronomy, Wine and Journey (IFWTWA). The reporters were enchanted by the island when they made wine by stomping on grapes and tasted a souma with figs on the “Cross”.
“Paros, again and again”, the article points out, continuing: “The third largest island of the Cyclades is one of the best organised because it has a long tradition as a tourist destination. In recent years, some 14,000 inhabitants of the island have once again attracted attention. ”

Paros, along with being a European first prize winner, has also emerged as the top choice in the list of the 20 most popular destinations searched by Greeks for this summer, according to the new, very interesting data recorded via the global search engine Skyscanner. which is used by millions of users from around the world.

The island offers the complete package for visitors with its multidimensional provisions, as has recently been outlined by CNN. The international cable network notes: “Modern lifestyle and traditional elements, authentic luxury and Cycladic simplicity, picturesque settlements and a cosmopolitan atmosphere coexist harmoniously in Paros. It is not by chance that the island can cater for every taste, appealing to diverse crowds every year, from students to families, which is why it has been on top of the list for the most popular Greek destinations for years.”