The best – and worst – places to live in all the world in 2015 (infographics + vid)

Greece appears to be on a downward spiral

The 2015 Prosperity Index is out again, ranking 142 countries across 89 variables and eight sub-indexes: the economy, entrepreneurship and opportunity, governance, education, health, safety and security, personal freedom and social capital.

For the seventh consecutive year, Norway topped the list as the most prosperous country and scored high in numerous variables. Scandinavian countries did well, dominating the top of the list.

The 10 most prosperous countries
1. Norway
2. Switzerland
3. Denmark
4. New Zealand
4. Sweden
6. Canada
7. Australia
8. Netherlands
9. Finland
10. Ireland

10 least prosperous countries

Central African Republic is ranked the least prosperous country.
142. Central African Republic
141. Afghanistan
140. Haiti
139. Chad
138. Burundi
137. Democratic Republic of the Congo
136. Syria
135. Yemen
134. Sudan
133. Angola

About Greece

Greece scored 49th on the list, just below Panama, Argentina and Thailand but slightly better than Romania, Bulgaria and China.In fact propserity index rankings from 2009-2015 showed that Greece is continuing on its downward spiral.

Top and bottom countries by the 8 sub-indexes

Hong Kong has been named the safest place in the world.

Best: Singapore
Worst: Liberia

Entrepreneurship and opportunity
Best: Sweden
Worst: Central African Republic

Best: Switzerland
Worst: Afghanistan

Best: Australia
Worst: Central African Republic

Best: USA
Worst: Central African Republic

Safety and security
Best: Hong Kong
Worst: Democratic Republic of Congo

Personal freedom
Best: Canada
Worst: Yemen

Social capital
Best: New Zealand
Worst: Togo