The boss’ prank went too far! (VIDEO)

He literally jumped off the balcony…

Igor Krežic in Bosnia went beyond the limits of a simple prank. After speaking to his employees he went out on the balcony and…jumped!

Igor Krežic, who appears in the video from the security camera had just finished his speech to dozens of his employees and then to go out on the balcony. His employees watched him in question, but they can not imagine what will follow. He suddenly climbs the railing and dips into the void!

There was panic!

Terrified employees storm outside, others are screaming while others run down on the ground floor to give him first aid.

Just watch what happened…

As he stated, it was supposed to be a message about his “political suicide” that he “committed” when he decided a month ago to start his political career.

Krežic had made panks in the past as he once went through…a wall while some of his employees were having a meeting!