The ‘burden’ of boobs! (photos)

Women carry them, men love ’em…

Female breasts have been a sign of fertility since the beginning of times. Tomes of books have been written about their captivating influence on men. But the size of boobs is always a matter of perspective. For example, men consider them, by and large a ‘God sent’ gift, but for women it is many times literally a burden! Buzzfeed made a list of struggles people with large boobs have to go through:

1. Finding a bra that actually fits well and doesn’t make you look like you have cone tits.


2. And isn’t a complete death trap.


3. Not being able to wear really cute styles because practicality comes first.


4. Eating something without half of it falling straight into your boobs.


5. Wearing something with only a vaguely low neckline and having people comment on how you’ve “got the girls on show”.


6. So wearing something high-necked but looking like Mrs Trunchbull


7. Having permanent bra strap and underwire marks that are sore AF.


8. Being defined solely by your assets.


9. Having to hold on to your bangers for dear life every time you run or go down some stairs.


10. Babies assuming you must have an abundance of milk in your giant jugs.