The cartoon that exposes Erdogan

A picture is worth a thousand words

Kevin Callaher (KAL), who works with The Economist and the Baltimore Sun, is perhaps the most influential cartoonist.

His latest work describes better than words the state of mind of the Turkish leader.

It is perhaps the shortest and most comprehensive analysis of the crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Shows five swimmers taking positions to compete in their predetermined routes. Behind them is the inscription “Mediterranean Swimming Championship”.

But perpendicular to them, a swimmer who does not seem to realize what exactly is going on, has put his own pole and prepares to swim perpendicular to the pool.

“The Turkish contestant is claiming this these are his territorial waters”, says one organizer to another.

The athletes look at the Turk in amazement, the Turk -a bit fatter than the other swimmers- looks at the pool determinedly ignoring its surroundings.

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