The company Shanghai Husi has been supplying the “giants” of the fast-food with meat from the floor …!

On Sunday the public was shocked after watching a video in China’s Dragon TV

This is because the controversial video shows the staff of Shanghai Husi using meat which they have picked up from the floor and obviously does not meet the quality standards. The company closed immediately, while the supplying companies were embarrassed.

The McDonald’s Corp, and the mother of KFC – Yum Brands Inc, apologized to their consumers in China after the revealing of the Shanghai Husi Food Co Ltd supplying both chains with expired meat.

Chinese authorities carry out checks on all companies that supply products from the Shanghai Husi and, as mentioned, will inspect the infrastructure of its parent, OSI, so as to ensure food safety.

The person in charge of the investigation, said today that he required a list of all sales of OSI, while he highlighted that have already 4,500 boxes of beef have been sealed which had ordered the McDonald’s, and 500 that Yum’s Pizza Hut had ordered .

Everything suggests that this food scandal is not limited to China, but has already been transferred to other countries.

The representative of McDonald’s in Tokyo said that the one fifth of McNuggets is from the chickens in Shanghai Husi and that sales of the product have been suspended since yesterday.

According to him, they have already found alternative suppliers to meet the needs of the company and chicken from China and Thailand.

At the same time, the shares of the company recorded a slight drop of 1.4%, reaching the lowest rate of the past 15 months.

Today, Starbucks said that some of their products containing chicken, which was supplied by the Shanghai Husi. Although they didn’t have a direct cooperation with the Shanghai Husi, but some of the products were coming to them through another supplier. Nevertheless they rushed to reassure the general public that there are no such products on their shelves.

The Burger King and Dicos, owned by multinational Ting Hsin International, is the third largest fast food chain in China. According to statements of the company they will withdraw all products from the Shanghai Husi stores.

The same goes for pizza Papa John’s International Inc, which said on their blog that already they have removed all supplies from Shanghai Husi and have ‘cut’ all ties with the company.

The Swedish furniture company Ikea, which also sells food products using meat from Shanghai Husi to September of last year. As stated, since they had no contact.

Other companies, whose name was associated with the Shanghai Husi, such as Domino’s Pizza Inc, declare that their branches in China never purchased from this company.

Food safety is a particularly important issue for the Chinese consumers after the scandal of 2008, when dairy products contaminated with melamine led to the death of six infants and sickened thousands of people.

There have been other scandals in recent years that have affected the industry of meat and dairy products, leading the Chinese to prefer foreign brands, which maintain the highest safety standards.