The cost of a night out around the world (infographic)

Research conducted by USB

Corporate life usually is exhausting and often enough it’s no fun at all. So, after a long week of hard work, many people need long nights as kind of a reimbursement for all the pain, stress and over hours that bottled up over the week. Research by UBS found that Saturday night escapades are the cheapest in Mexico City whilst dancing your sorrows away in Zurich, Miami or Stockholm hits your pockets the hardest. The – honestly speaking quite conservative – basket of goods consists of two long drinks, an average club entry fee, a taxi ride from the club as well as a Big Mac to soak up all the wrongdoings of the night. However, if you are only interested in dancing and help yourself with some serious pregaming before walking to the club, Moscow will be the city of your dreams. On average, entry fees there even fall below the price of a Big Mac at the local burger joint.

source: statista