The country’s construction sites remain operational during the coronavirus crisis

Measures taken towards the correct direction

The majority of the infrastructure world welcomed the first steps taken by the government and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport through the recent Legislative Act to pause all tenders, deadlines for projects and concessions. At the same time there is a “battle” to keep the construction sites alive as there is a debate about it.

Sources from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport note at that there is no intention to close for the closure of the construction sites at this time. It is obvious that the construction sites are for the technical sector of the country, what industries are for the market, i.e. its lifeline and driving force.

“We need to keep the economy running”, says the Chairman of HCIC, Mr. Stergios Lampropoulos, at, adding that “there are difficulties in the operation of the businesses because of the situation”.

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Mr. Lambropoulos welcomes these first steps taken with the Legislative Act but points out that more are needed. “This is a common struggle, we will try to contribute with suggestions and there will be further meetings with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport in order to do even more”.

The Chairman of HCIC, however, stresses that even in these difficult times, the Ministry should not halt its efforts for legislative interventions and continue preparing for new project packages that will help the economy of the entire country.

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