The European cities with the most positive cultural profile

European Cities Marketing in collaboration with TCI Research revealed the cities

European Cities Marketing in collaboration with TCI Research has revealed the cities, regardless of size, that has benefited from positive reviews of the cultural activities they offer to visitors, such as unique experiences, events, feelings, brand and ambassadors of the cultural heritage of destinations. The data is based on the views expressed by social media users for over 200 European cities.

According to the survey, the cities that occupy the largest amount of content in social media discussions on cultural tourism are, in order of priority, the following: Madrid, Paris, London, Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Brussels, Florence, Verona, Turin, and Amsterdam.
In addition, the cities that had the largest share of positive feedback on all of their cultural attractions are Prague, Seville, Reykjavik, Tallinn, Vilnius, Dubrovnik, Cologne, Bury, Amsterdam, Edinburgh.

As far as the factors affecting the reputation of cities the survey reveals the following trends …
– The great impact of new events gathering people with common interests
– The increasing influence of movies and cinema as a factor in choosing cultural holidays in Europe
– Architecture functions as a significant visual factor in urban travel experience
-The positive impact of cultural labels such as UNESCO
-The critical role of public-private partnerships in promoting culture
-The possible negative impact from demonstrations and gatherings at emblematic cultural monuments.