The European countries with the highest proportion of births outside of marriage, mapped

This is where birth in wedlock is on the decline


A user on the subreddit MapPorn has created a map of live births outside of marriage, by European country.

The data appears to come from a 2013 release by Eurostat, which stated that four out of 10 births are outside of marriage in the EU 28.

This was up from the 2000 statistic, of 27,3%.


The countries with the highest percentage of live births outside of marriage was Bulgaria (59,1%), Estonia (58,4%), and Slovenia (58,0%).

Nations with the lowest percentages were Greece (7,0%), Croatia (16,1%), and, Cyprus (18,6%).

In the UK, 47,6% of children were born outside of marriages in 2012.

According to the same data, the fertility rate of the EU 28 was 1,6%.