The first modern Islamist fundamentalist conquest of the West? Erdogan’s “dark plan”…

Erdogan’s “dark plan”

By Philip Christopher

In the 1970’s, a young mogul named Donald Trump was making news as a young, brash and very successful real estate developer.

At the same time, Turkey’s invasion of Cyprus in 1974 made international headlines. Now, 44 years later, they are on a collision course of historic consequence. President Trump is the leader of the Western World and Turkey’s occupation of Cyprus has now become the _first modern Islamist fundamentalist attempt to capture Western World territory and resources.

New revelations expose Turkey stealthily positioning itself to attempt to permanently possess the northern third of Cyprus, which is rich in hydrocarbons and stands as a bulwark of Western civilization in the Eastern Mediterranean. Cypriot citizens fought beside the United States in every 20th century war and have shown their unwavering common thinking. When Turkey refused treatment of our dying soldiers at our base at Incirlik, after Islamist fundamentalists bombed US military barracks in Beirut, Cyprus stepped up and took care of our soldiers.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan duped US officials into believing he would end his illegal military occupation of Cyprus. He was so convincing that news stories indicated President Barack Obama spent more time on the phone with Erdogan than any other head of state for the better part of his presidency.

Erdogan’s “dark plan”

Erdogan ignored the Geneva Conventions and quietly transplanted hundreds of thousands of Turks to live among Cypriot-born Turkish-Cypriots in Cyprus who are traditionally Western, moderate and secular Muslims.