The German boys come home to World Cup fever

The German heroes come home to 500,000 cheering fans, the highest honors, money and kisses from beautiful girls!

Fans wanting to greet Germany’s World Cup heroes fresh from Brazil had to get up extra early this morning. There is only limited space for visitors on the observation deck at Berlin’s Tegel airport which opened for the public around 6 a.m. The “Fan Mile” at the Brandenburg Gate opened at 7 a.m. and over 500,000 fans are expected to inundate the area to give the boys the welcome they deserve, complete with live music by German artists and plenty of cheering that will culminate into a party.

The last time Germany won the trophy was in 1990, and back then only 20,000 people showed up at the airport. Now, times have changed, and the entire country is swept away with World Cup fever. Bleary-eyed fans have participated in late-night street parties, honking and fireworks until the early hours of the morning.

The day of return is being honored as a day of celebration. In fact, an employer at a Berlin IT company gave his 500 employees the day off to head to the airport and cheer on the team.

A special honor for the coach


Germany’s coach Joachim Löw’s hometown is glorifying his win in a very special way. Schönau im Schwarzwald is now called “Löwnau”, at least for a few days. And the municipal council is even considering giving his name to a street or possibly the town’s sports center.

Stamp of approval


A special 60-cent stamp commemorating the victory was designed at breakneck speed. Graphic designer Lutz Menze said that it usually takes six months to create a stamp but World Cup euphoria sped up the process and the government contacted him after the tournament had started.

Jerseys for sale


World Cup jerseys featuring four stars – one for each of Germany’s World Cup wins – have already sold out and Adidas is hurrying to produce a new batch since the early hours of Monday so that stores can stock them later in the week.


Commuters taking Hamburg’s S-Bahn will see the slogan “We congratulate the World Cup winner!” on two trains over the next two weeks.

Money and love

Germany’s 23 players who travelled to Brazil are to receive $300,000 from the German Football Association, with eight players already having received $200,000 for having been selected in the squad for all of Germany’s World Cup qualifying matches.

Better still, the world watches on as the German lads not only get their trophy but also girls galore – the finest Germany has to offer.


































And more girls galore…