The “Greek Freak” reaches close to 4 metres in highlight of NBA All Star-Game (videos)

The stadium watches in awe

Two of the main protagonists of the NBA All-Star Game over the past weekend were Giannis Antetokounmpo and Steph Curry for the East of team Giannis.
The two combined during the match to provide us all with, arguably, the most amazing highlight of the weekend when Steph bounced the ball for Giannis to rise to the sky and slam it home.

It looked to the fans and some of the awe-struck players on the bench that the “Greek Freak” was about to touch the ceiling of the stadium.
The NBA went ahead and measured the height of the pass at its peak and the height Giannis reached the moment he caught the ball.

In particular, Curry’s bounced pass peaked at a height of 5.1 metres, while Giannis’s hand caught the ball at 3.84 metres from the floor!

The second video is especially impressive as it shows the play in slow motion from a different angle.