The Guardian: Vacations to Athenian Riviera

An article about the undiscovered charms of Attica peninsula

The British newspaper The Guardian published a feature article for the Attica seaside, from Glyfada to Sounion mentioning that “A few miles from Athens lies a seaside idyll where great beaches and local charm are still undiscovered by British visitors”.

Cape Sounion at sunset, Athens, Greece

The journalist writes about her experience by saying: “It’s Wednesday evening, just before midnight and I’m in the Athens suburb of Glyfada, at a modern post-crisis breed of tavern” where “there are few vacant tables” and “out on the pavement, four tall pine trees are corseted in gold lights” whereas the lavender smell prevails. “Greek couples and groups are smoking, sipping cloudy ouzo over shared platters; there are families with young children busting curfews”.

Young Greeks jumping from rocks near Glyfada

The journalist conveys the summer atmosphere mentioning that “It’s a scene full of kefi, a Greek word that means joyful spirits,” and points out that “something has changed. Two years ago, every visit to Glyfada meant seeing a freshly abandoned shopfront. But now, the tumbleweed feeling has gone and there’s a tangible pulse of optimism in this cosmopolitan, seaside town, capital of the Athenian Riviera.”

Beach huts at Vouliagmeni

Cocktail at the Balux House Project, Glyfada, Greece

Also, the article includes detailed description of all the coastal areas of Athens and tips for tourists as well as many rave reviews: Glyfada, Vouliagmeni, Varkiza, Anavyssos and Sounion draw the attention and interest of the journalist.