The identity of the three kidnappers

The 27 year old’s abduction, solved in a week

Three people were involved in the kidnapping of the 27 year old niece of the owner of football club Asteras Tripolis. Two of them are in the hands of Police, and the third is still at large. This is a 48 year old Greek who is claimed to be the “Brains” behind the abduction, and a Greek from Kazakhstan, 53, and an Albanian called Alekos, who is still wanted by Police. The Hellenic Police officers succeeded, just one week after the release of the 27 year old, to get on the trail of the kidnappers and arrest two of them. It is worth noting that the 48 year old man, who reportedly had a leading role in this case, was a Nea Ionia resident, with police arresting him outside his home. He previously owned a transport company, but due to financial distress, he was forced to close it up, working as a clerk at another shipping company, whose owner is a close friend of the father of the 27 year old girl. The other man, aged 53, is a friend of the 48 year old, hailing from Kazakhstan and maintains a bar in Menidi, which was frequented by the Albanian. The two of them became friends and often shared their thoughts on the economic problems they faced. The three of them collected information from the 27 year old’s father, and Facebook, finding out where she works and where she hangs out, thus being able to tail her. The abduction was performed on October 31, at 22.00 outsidde her home in Kypseli.


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