The largest dinosaur to have walked the Earth so far, discovered

It weighed as much as 17 African Elephants

The fossilized bones of the largest dinosaur in the world are believed to have been discovered in Argentina by a group of paleontologists.

According to the BBC, the dinosaur is estimated to have weighed about 77 tonnes, the equivalent of 14 African elephants, had a length of 40 meters and a height of 20 meters.

This means that it was much bigger than the Argentinosaur, who was considered -until now- the largest dinosaur, weighing 70 tons.

Researchers believe they have discovered a new kind of titanosaurus, a huge herbivorous dinosaur believed to have lived in the forests of Patagonia before 95-100 million years.

The nearly 150 fossils were first detected by a local farmer and then a team of paleontologists led by Jose Luis Carballido Diego Pol dug them up, surprised by the good condition which they portrayed.

A BBC crew recorded the excavation, when scientists realized how big the dinosaur really was.

Now, all that remains is for it to be given a name, which will be appropriate to its size.






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