The list with the “dirtiest” fuit and vegetables

Also the “clean 15” list

It is a well-known fact that buying organic fruits and vegetables is the healthiest choice. While this is all good, but the who could afford to spend about 10 euros a kilo for avocados on a regular basis? The best you can do is find out which are the “dirtiest”, according to the well-known “Dirty Dozen” list of the Environmental Working Group and make sure these are at least organic, as not all fruit and vegetables absorb the same amount of pesticides.



The Dirty Dozen:
1. strawberries
2. spinach
3. nectarines
4. apples
5. Peaches
6. Pears
7. Cherries
8. grapes
9. Celery
10. tomatoes
11. peppers
12. Potatoes



The clean fifteen (ie with the lowest pesticide concentrations):
1. sweet corn
2. avocado
3. Pineapple
4. cabbage
5. Onions
6. Sweet frozen peas
7. papayas
8. asparagus
9. mangos
10. eggplant
11. Honeydew melon
12. kiwi
13. cantaloupe
14. cauliflower
15. grapefruit