The Magician’s Scroll that includes a spell to “Get Women to Dance Naked” (photos)

Anybody else wants a copy?

A 350-year-old magician’s scroll including a spell that promises to “get women to dance naked” has sold for $28,215 (£22,000) in an auction in the United Kingdom.

The manuscript is said to have been owned by a magician who was part of the “Cunning Men of Essex,” a group famous for practicing magic.

According to The Mirror, “The dense 476-page text also offers wisdom on how to make someone fall in love with you, lose weight and know if a ‘sick person shall die.’”

According to the manuscript, it is possible to “make a woman dance naked.” How? By saying the words “ala aymala” or inscribing them in fresh wax, but this can only be achieved at full moon.

The spell reads: “When there be a full moon to inscribe in fresh wax or speak the words ‘ala aymala’ and the lady will dance.”

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